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What products do you offer?

Intentionally harming the experience or usefulness of the service to others. Causing, or attempting to cause, a Denial of Service (DoS) condition. Accessing, or attempting to access, data or information that does not belong to you.Destroying or corrupting, or attempting to destroy or corrupt, data or information that does not belong to you.

If you are researching security issues, especially those which may compromise the privacy of others, please do so cautiously in order to respect our users’ privacy. When possible, you should conduct all vulnerability testing against non-production instances of our products to minimize the risk to data and services.

What are your rates and fees?

Your rate will be determined by the health of your business and cash flow. We apply an origination fee of 0–4% on your funding, and if you renew, you may be eligible for subsequent reductions. For lines of credit, there is a $20 monthly maintenance fee that is waived for the first six months if you withdraw $5,000 or more within one week of opening your line.

Is Fund My Biz a funding option that does not require collateral?

Fund My Biz funding options are not offered without any security. While we don't require a specific amount, type, or value of collateral, there is a general lien placed on the assets of the business to secure the funding. Additionally, the funding is backed by a personal guarantee, but we don't take personal assets of the guarantors as collateral.

How quickly can I receive funding from Fund My Biz?

Fund My Biz can deliver decisions in minutes and funding in as fast as 24 hours.

Is there any obligation if I apply?

No, if you apply for funding from Fund My Biz, there is no obligation to accept the funding offer. Your offer is valid for 30 days, at which time it expires.